Founded in 1961

Company Profile

  • Founded:1961
  • CountryAnkara, Turkey
  • Sourcewww.diktas.com/en/
Founded in 1961, Diktas specialises in the design, planing, testing and production of the refrigerated display cabinets. Within more than 50 year experience and knowledge, feels the proud of presenting the best quality with the best price to our customers. The production plant, which employs over 100 workers, located in Ankara, in the capital city of Turkey and occupies 20.000 square meters covered area. In 2016, Diktas export %55 of total production to 32 countries and contributes the national economy. The company has grown, thanks to its dynamism and an ability to interpret and develop clients needs, to become a leader in the commercial refrigeration sector.

QUALITY The aim of Diktas Inc.Co. is to provide its customers with products at the best quality and the most reasonable price. Dikta? Inc.Co. is aware that continuity of product quality only depends on perceiving changing and increasing customer demands and fulfilling them completely. For that reason, it reflects technological innovations to its designs and production activities by following them continuously.