Founded in 1946

Company Profile

  • Founded:1946
  • CountryLimana, Italy

Costan's history dates back to 1946, when brothers Mario and Alberto Costan built the first workshop to produce coldrooms and refrigerated cabinets: thanks to the continuous growth of demand and to the strides of technical innovation, the factory was relocated in Limana, in the province of Belluno back in the early seventies, where equipment for commercial refrigeration is still manufactured today. At the end of the eighties, Costan became part of the EPTA Group, still representing a historical trademark today. Currently Epta is a group with a strong international background, main player in commercial refrigeration on a worldwide level. Costan offers an efficient assistance service for all installations part of this supply, guaranteeing expertise and fast execution: from turnkey installation to after-sales support, with remote-monitoring 24 hours a day, all year round, up to retrofitting on the pre-existing installations

  • Refrigerated display cases and serve-over cabinets for fresh, unpackaged and packaged products.
  • Positive temperature vertical and semi vertical counters for fresh packaged foods.
  • Negative temperature vertical and horizontal cabinets for the preservation of frozen foods.
  • Plug-in refrigerated cabinets with small to medium sized built-in units.
  • Small, medium and high capacity refrigeration packs.

The historical Limana factory with over 69.000 m2 is continuously expanding, following the environment friendly values which guide the investments of the Group, counting a cogeneration unit which together with a photovoltaic installation meets almost the entire thermal and electrical energy requirements. The hot air which the thermoelectric installation produces is reused in varnishing kilns, with great savings on consumption. Thanks to the introduction of additional washing cabins and stations, the new painting line has almost doubled production of refrigerated counters and has yielded considerable savings in paint and a high reduction in energy and water consumption.